Birth Chattanooga offers doulas to support you during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. A doula offers informational, physical, and emotional support during this exciting and significant time in your life. Each Birth Chattanooga doula is professionally trained, but brings her own unique touches and experience to your care. To learn more about the benefits of having a doula and the services they offer, please join our Facebook page, go to www.birthchattanooga.com or call (423) 902-7265.

My Smart Hands with Adele teaches Baby Sign Language to babies and toddlers using 100% ASL signs. Signing with your preverbal baby allows you to communication with her or her for many months before they can talk, but it has also been shown to reduce frustration and tantrums, accelerate cognitive development, enhance vocabulary and promote early literacy. For more information on classes and benefits, please join our Facebook page, visit our website www.mysmarthandswithadele.com or call (423) 443-0509.

Amy and Adele had the pleasure of hearing Ina May Gaskin speak at an event hosted by the Alabama Birth Coalition in August 2012. They have both read her books and wanted to share their passion for Ina May’s contribution to childbirth with others. They are very happy to be able to bring this film screening to Chattanooga.


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